President of the Model Conference FMV 2017, Lukáš Takáč, has representative, coordinating and organizational roles. He ensures communication between two teams – negotiating and organizational, as well as between supervisors and students. His task is to represent the Model Conference towards third parties; likewise he is a part of organizational team.


Organizational team consists of four smaller teams. Each team has its head. The head of Diplomatic Protocol team is Tomáš Salíni. Purpose of his team is to prepare negotiations within Model Conference in organized manner in regards to protocol rules. Their tasks include for example preparations of seating plans, sending out invitations or preparing flags for meetings. Members of the team are Christine Serhanová, Lenka Suchánková, Nikoletta Lörincová, Kristína Perneschová, Michaela Gajňáková and Michaela Žatkovičová.

The Public Relations team is responsible for marketing of the Model Conference. Head of the team is Denisa Rášová. The team is responsible for the promotion of the conference and of the activities of all sections on the campus as well as between the public and partners. It’s task is to administrate social medias and website, communicate with media, prepare and distribute promotion materials and to oversee the photo and video documentation. The PR team members are Dominika Tomášová, Michal Vašica, Monika Olejárová, Katarína Farkašová, Monika Dúbravková, Petra Niňajová and Michelle Prigancová.

Purpose of the Fundraising team is to obtain sufficient financial and other resources necessary for organization of the Model Conference. Head of the team is Kristína Pagáčová. The team’s task is to reach out to partners, gain their support and build a mutually advantageous cooperation. Their main task is to apply for available grants. Team members develop projects and requests for grants or other forms of cooperation. Team members are Gábor Menyhárt, Edita Csoelleová, Philip Darazs, Andrea Salayová, Soňa Bokorová and Dominika Palková.

Team for University Partnerships and external partners aims to connect students from different faculties and to establish new partnerships at universities. Head of the team is Peter Cáha. Students of the Faculty of International Relations of University of Economis in Bratislava cooperate with students from other faculties such as interpreting, journalism and media. Team members are Martina Gajňáková, Romana Rybárová and Nikoleta Sedminová.