The Energy Security Section of the Model Conference of the Faculty of International Relations deals with the issue of the illegal oil trade activities, which is organized by the terrorist group of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh). The main purpose of this section is to ensure border security and to interrupt illegal activities in the cross-border regions of the Republic of Turkey and its surrounding states by means of the cooperation of all the relevant states. Delegations on behalf of the Republic of Iraq, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Republic of Turkey are concerned with applying measures in order to avoid illegal oil smuggling. Nevertheless, the very important ones will be means of oil purchase prevention, also the protection provided by the army of relevant state on its territory. Simultaneously, relevant states will focus on ensuring the financing of the planned measures.





HEAD OF THE SECTION   Kristína Köszeghyová

The head of the energy security section of the Model Conference FMV 2017 is Kristína Köszeghyová. Kristína with the representatives from five countries – the Republic of Iraq, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Republic of Turkey – are concerned with applying measures in order to avoid illegal oil smuggling. Kristína coordinates the delegates, communicates with the president of the Model Conference FMV 2017, supervisors and mentor. Her main task is to write drafts, which determine the common structure for individual countries standpoints and subsequent negotiations.


THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY   Roman Hrdlovič, Patrícia Tutková, Andrea Štrbáková

The Republic of Turkey is devastated with the current situation in the surrounding countries, as well as with Daesh attacks that have occurred in the country. Currently the country´s top priorities are putting a stop to Daesh´s illicit financial inflows in order to destroy the whole terrorist group and stabilize the situation. Therefore the Republic of Turkey supports cooperation between the countries involved in the action. Among the main objectives is Daesh´s shutdown to access the much needed oil and further negotiation of agreements between countries.


THE SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC Samo Šóth, Michal Bazovský, Michal Alemayehu

Syrian Arab Republic is deeply concerned by illegal oil trade, as Syrian Arab Republic is carrying the heaviest burden of illegal oil trade effects of which are the most destructive in the Syrian Arab republic in comparison with all other countries in the world. Daesh represents a threat not only to Syrian Arab Republic, but to the whole world as well, therefore discontinuation of illegal oil trade and thus ceasing of Daesh’s income is of the utmost importance. Cooperation between the involved parties and drafting of a common agreement are going to be essential milestones for the world’s energy security.


THE REPUBLIC OF IRAQ   Denis Balentic, Andrej Cína, Michal Boga

The Republic of Iraq considers as a key point in the fight against Daesh the necessity to stop the illegal oil trade, which is one of the main sources of financing of this terrorist organization. The Republic of Iraq despite the difficult circumstances and the fights that take place on its territory remains committed to full cooperation with international community and the concerned states in order to destroy Daesh. The Republic of Iraq is determined to intervene by all available and possible means to maintain its sovereignty and protection of the population.


THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA   Jana Pačutová, Patrícia Tutková, Júlia Novotná

The United States of America hold the place of world power that seeks to support peace in the world, and on the way to fulfilling that aim, personal freedom shall be the main pillar of future development of the situation in war-affected countries. Therefore, the United States of America sees illegal trade oil of Daesh terrorist organization, which is a major source of funding of mentioned terrorist group, as the biggest threat to world peace. The United States of America considered, stopping illegal oil trade, the highest priority of its foreign policy, and, therefore all existing as well as future decisions of the current and future President of the United States of America aims to intercept and destroy the mentioned terrorist organization. The United States of America will continue their co-operation with allies to allow a free, democratic and brighter future of Syrian and the Iraqi people. The United States of America believes that other parties included to the conflict and fighting against Daesh, led by the Russian Federation shall take action towards fastest solution to the conflict, and that the nations of the region shall be allowed to freely decide their future.


THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION   Mária Mišutková, Silvia Švejdová, Matej Svrček

The Russian Federation considers the threat of Daesh as alarming and critical, not only to neighboring countries but also to international peace on a global scale. It is therefore a priority for the Russian Federation to eliminate the threat posed by Daesh by means of stopping its financing which takes place mainly thanks to the oil business. It should also be made greater efforts by the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America which keep failing at protection of borders through which the major transport routes lead. At the same time, the intervention on Syrian territory, which would violate the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, is unacceptable. To end the violence and subsequent stabilization and conflict management there is a need for a better cooperation between the countries, based on a diplomatic dialogue, as well as a genuine will of the states to try to settle it.