Model Conference of Faculty of International Relations 2018 is a project organized by students of the Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics in Bratislava. Its main task is to give students the opportunity to apply acquired theoretical knowledge into practice and also improve negotiation and argumentation skills. Within the simulation of multilateral negotiations concerning the current international problems trying to reach an agreement between the interested States and to develop a final memorandum provides an alternative view on this subject.

This document will then be presented to the public during the Model Conference in April 2018. The conference will consist of three panel discussions, to which they invited experts in order to discuss the conclusions to which students come. The eleventh year of this project is focused on current problems New Silk Road, Cyber Security, and Social Union within EU).

The Model Conference is designed not only to students of the Faculty of International Relations, who are actively involved in its implementation, but also students from other disciplines such as journalism, Mass Media, film production, and translation and interpreting, who are also involved in the project. Finally, it is dedicated to public as well, to which students attempt to explain negotiated topics and present an alternative view on them.